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Run alongside Rob and be part of the movement transforming newborn screening in New Brunswick!

May 4 – 16, 2024

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Who is Rob?

Rob Tétrault is an award-winning financial advisor, philanthropist, and dad from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Rob co-founded the Canadian CMV Foundation with his wife Michelle after their son Alexandre was born with cCMV in 2008. Prior to Alexandre’s birth, neither Rob nor Michelle had ever heard of cCMV. Today, Rob and Michelle are committed to raising CMV awareness in parents and health care providers, and advocating for universal cCMV screening across Canada.

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Sign the Petition

Sign the petition in support of Bill 226 today! Manitoba currently implements a targeted newborn CMV screening program, but legislation has been proposed that would make universal CMV screening mandatory across the province. Targeted screening is not enough as it only identifies infants with CMV-related hearing loss at birth. As a result, other cases of CMV are left undiagnosed. Universal screening is the only way to ensure that all babies with cCMV are diagnosed in a timely manner so that they can receive the care they require.

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