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Run alongside Rob and be part of the movement transforming newborn screening in New Brunswick!

May 4 – 16, 2024

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What is Run With Rob?

Welcome to Run With Rob 2024 – our second stride towards a healthier future for newborns. Building on the triumph of Run With Rob 2023 held in Manitoba, we are thrilled to announce our upcoming endeavour: Run With Rob New Brunswick 2024. Run With Rob is more than just a run; it’s a national movement for CMV awareness, inspired by the legacy of Terry Fox.

In 2023, Rob Tétrault embarked on an incredible journey, running from the Saskatchewan-Manitoba border to the Manitoba-Ontario border, covering a distance of 506 km in just 12 days. Fuelled by the spirit of perseverance, Rob is ready to tackle another challenge. In Run With Rob New Brunswick 2024, he will traverse the entire length of New Brunswick, covering a distance of 548 kilometres in 13 days. This journey is not just about running; it’s about raising awareness and funds for the Canadian CMV Foundation.

Congenital Cytomegalovirus (cCMV) remains the most common infectious cause of birth defects in Canada, and early detection is crucial for better outcomes. While several provinces have implemented universal newborn screening for cCMV, the Maritimes lack such a program. Run With Rob is not just a call to action; it’s a rally for change. Join us in making Run With Rob New Brunswick 2024 even more impactful, as we stride towards a future where every newborn has the opportunity for a healthy start in life.

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The crusade continues! Be a part of the movement – sign the petition advocating for universal cCMV screening throughout Canada. Your signature is a powerful testament to the momentum we’re building together, ensuring our collective efforts maintain their stance against CMV. Your ongoing support is instrumental in propelling our cause forward.

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