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Run alongside Rob and be part of the movement transforming newborn screening in Manitoba!

May 12 – 24, 2023

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Why is Rob running from Saskatchewan to Ontario?

Newborn screening for cCMV is affordable and effective, but only Saskatchewan and Ontario screen all babies for cCMV at birth. Why should a newborn born in Manitoba have a completely different outcome than a newborn born in Saskatchewan or Ontario?

We envision a Canada where all newborns born in each province and territory are tested for cCMV at birth. Run alongside Rob to help make this vision a reality!

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition in support of Bill 226 today! Manitoba currently implements a targeted newborn CMV screening program, but legislation has been proposed that would make universal CMV screening mandatory across the province. Targeted screening is not enough as it only identifies infants with CMV-related hearing loss at birth. As a result, other cases of CMV are left undiagnosed. Universal screening is the only way to ensure that all babies with cCMV are diagnosed in a timely manner so that they can receive the care they require.

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